If you're invited to join our online consumer panel you'll be amongst the best paid survey takers in the country!

We are a specialist market research firm, not a huge online firm, and we carry out surveys for some of the top consumer companies in the UK and internationally. They need reliable opinions on a variety of consumer topics, so our surveys tend to be short, often fun, and almost always interesting.

Typically one of our surveys will be just 10 or 15 easy questions, and because we're a busy survey firm, you'll get plenty to fill in – but not so many that you’ll feel overwhelmed.

All we ask is that you take care when doing our surveys. We pride ourselves on the care taken by our panellists and the quality of our research results. This is what makes our surveys so well respected in the market research world.

If you’re interested in joining our panel, please click on the box above to fill in the application form.

We are currently not taking new applicants.

We pay 50p per survey

The best news is that our payment terms are far more generous than almost all the other online firms – not just in how much we pay, but how quickly you get the money. So a typical 10-15 question survey earns you 50p. You only have to reach £5 before you can claim what you’ve earned. You can have the money paid to your bank or via Paypal as soon as you reach that £5 target.

Why we're a popular choice

We promise we don't get up to any of the "tricks" some other survey firms employ – for example, we won't ask you half a dozen questions and then tell you that you haven't qualified for the survey! We don’t bamboozle you with a points system or offer vouchers you can’t use. And when you reach your cash target we'll alert you, and if you want to cash in then, we'll pay you promptly within two weeks.

Safe, secure & trusted

There is absolutely no selling involved in our surveys, and your data is completely safe with us. We are registered under the Data Protection Act, follow its rules carefully, and would never pass your details to any third party. You can unsubscribe from our panel at any time.

As an ESOMAR member, we comply with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Market and Social Research and ESOMAR World Research Guidelines.

We’re different in other ways, too...

  • We talk to you! We want you to feel a personal connection with our organisation, so we like to introduce ourselves over the phone before you join our online team.
  • All our online panellists are there by invitation only. So if you’d like to join we’ll need to talk to you and know a little bit about you first.
  • We keep in touch with panellists from time to time so that you get to know us and what we do. We care about the quality of our surveys, and we hope that you will care too.