Tracking surveys

These are repeat surveys designed to measure movement in opinion over time. They may also be called continuous surveys, baseline surveys or longitudinal surveys.

Consumer Analysis has a great deal of experience in providing tracker surveys, both to the commercial world and to the public and charity sectors. We have provided a three–monthly tracking survey for a major bank for many years, and have also been involved with a well–known charity over several years as they measured the changing attitudes to a high–profile health campaign.

The secret to a successful tracking survey is in the questions. They must be carefully designed to take account of future changes, so that the measurement tool doesn't need to be altered as time goes by. This is one of our great strengths – we put a huge amount of effort into writing questions which will deliver precise and accurate results for the client, but are also technically and editorially capable of standing the test of time.

Tracking surveys are also greatly favoured by the media who come to expect the results of a survey at a certain time in the year. This is true for our highly regarded quarterly survey for a major bank. It has now become a fixed item on the UK news agenda

Repeat surveys can also be very cost effective. Discounts are available where a client commits to a certain number of surveys, making the cost–per–survey much lower.

We had never carried out a tracking survey before, but CA held our hand, explaining the pitfalls and guiding us to a very successful series of surveys
Campaigns manager, health charity

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