Telephone surveys for PR

This is still the favoured choice of PR's working with blue-chip companies, where they may feel their corporate reputation could be damaged by being allied with a “cheapie” survey. We use randomised telephone dialling, and involve mobile as well as landline numbers. Since 99.6% of the population has a telephone of some sort, these PR surveys cover the full population and can truly be called “nationally representative”.

Because telephone surveys tend to be more expensive, and are highly regarded by the media, survey sizes tend to be smaller, with 1000 or even 500 people being involved in a typical telephone survey for PR.

Telephone surveys also offer PR's the opportunity to gather great case histories from the more interesting interviewees. This isn't possible with online surveys. Where a telephone interviewee has given an interesting response or made a fascinating comment, we will go back to them and ask if they’d be willing to speak to the media about their views or experience. This is a huge help to PR's wanting to interest the features pages in their story and so increase the column inches they achieve for their client.

Our client was thrilled with the results. The research and analysis generated by CA was comprehensive and relevant for our target audience. The report resulted in a record number of exposures for Kiddie in new and untouched media sources
Account Manager,Golin Harris

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