Telephone, street & face-to-face surveys

For the highest quality of survey result the interviewing needs to be conducted by telephone, in the high street or face-to-face with the respondent. The human aspect of the interviewer means that a far wider cross-section of the population will be persuaded to take part in the survey than is ever possible to achieve with online polling surveys.

Interviewers are also able to ensure the respondent has understood the question fully and are able to iron out any inconsistencies in the response.

We have interviewing teams all over the UK, as well as abroad, and their results come back to our London head office electronically. They all follow MRS guidelines in the way they approach interviewees and the daytime limits on interviewing.

Image representing street surveys and telephone surveys

For general population surveys we use randomised interviewing techniques and ensure that the interviewee base around the country is correctly representative of the national population.

This type of survey is often prohibitively expensive, especially when compared with online surveys, but we are proud that we offer traditional surveys like this at a very competitive price.

Our client was thrilled with the results. The research and analysis generated by CA was comprehensive and relevant for our target audience. The report resulted in a record number of exposures for Kidde in new and untouched media sources
Becky Wegener, Golin Harris

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