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Consumer Analysis help to devise campaigns that will deliver high impact media coverage, combining sound creative counsel with reliable execution. They understand our objectives, our deadlines, as well as the media agent

Joanna Richards,
Consolidated Communication

PR and media surveys

For great coverage, headline research needs the right questions, the right analysis and above all the right solid methodology to be successful with the media. But nowadays the “quickie” survey companies offer little or no help or insight to PR's, so although the survey may be cheap, clients can be inevitably disappointed with the results. They wanted acres of column inches, but the PR struggles to get the survey mentioned at all.

But we've changed all that. Our team of research journalists have national newspaper, radio and TV experience and they offer lots of help to PR's in deciding on the best news angles, designing the questions, and adding in splits of data and clever analysis to give you the best chance of getting the great coverage your client is expecting.

All this for a price that's competitive with the cheapest PR surveys available.

PR's are usually working to very tight deadlines so to help make the sell-in as easy and smooth as possible we also offer a number of other options:

  • We can pull out all the national key facts from the survey.
  • We can pull out key facts for each region, giving a national comparison.
  • We can offer access to interviewees for case histories.
  • We can draw up an at-a-glance guide to the regional findings, for use during live media interviews.
  • We can write a newsy executive summary which can easily form the basis of a press release.
  • We can offer an audio studio at discount prices for down-the-line radio interviews.
  • We can offer a B–roll or video news release of interviewee vox pops through our sister company, Campaign Productions.
  • We can offer a vodcast of the main findings for use on new media.
  • In her capacity as a “consumer expert” or “report author” Jan Walsh can offer her availability as a media interviewee as part of the package price.

Example: Survey on family mealtimes for PAXO STUFFING


  • Front page of Daily Telegraph.
  • 3 pieces in other national newspapers.
  • 41 pieces in regional newspapers.
  • 3 pieces on national TV/radio.
  • 33 pieces on regional TV/radio.

Altogether there were 70 brand mentions which reached a total potential audience of more than 25 million

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