Client Testimonial

CA took a very difficult subject and made it work in seven countries, showing great flexibility when the survey was suddenly extended. They understood our aims and the inherent difficulties of launching a report in completely different countries around the world. Not only that, they were very cost effective.

Andrea Carter,
Firefly Communications

Online polling surveys

At Consumer Analysis we feel we offer the very best online surveys currently available, at incredibly low prices. For UK surveys we have our own “verified online panel” which has been gathered by invitation only and attracts a worthwhile incentive for taking part in our surveys. The online panel can be used on its own, or as part of a hybrid survey combined with street or telephone interviewing.

Our PR online surveys are more reliable, offer PR's more support and yet are highly competitive on price – see our page headed “Online surveys for PR”.

For our international surveys we also offer the hybrid method, combined with our own teams of interviewers in each country.

Why do we feel our surveys may be better than the rest?...

  • Verified online panels— our online panellists are almost always interviewees from our telephone and street surveys and so have been met or spoken to by us before joining the panel. This means we know exactly who they are - their age, gender, family status and profession. Why is that important? – because some online panels may unwittingly attract “FOP's” (fake online personas) whereby people pretend to have a high-value persona. For example, students or the young unemployed may pretend to be an older professional, or to be a mum with a young family, because they know this type of persona is likely to be offered a lot of surveys to take, and/or be well paid for them. Clearly, any survey responses given by FOPs count for nothing, and could mean the survey results are unreliable
  • Invitation only— the members of our online panel are only there because we've invited them. It's not possible to join our panel by signing on through a website or by sending us an unsolicited email. This not only guards against fake personas, but also prevents infiltration by survey “professionals” ie people who create multiple personas using lots of email addresses and/or IP addresses in order to maximise their incentives. By gathering our panel by invitation only it means our online panellists are unlikely to be members of other online panels, and so tend to take far more care to give accurate answers to our questions
  • Worthwhile incentives— even on a straightforward gen pop survey we generally pay five times the going rate for answering one of our online questionnaires. We do this because we want our online panellists to feel they are being well rewarded for their time, and so to be willing to put some effort into giving thoughtful answers. We do still eliminate people who speed through a questionnaire unreasonably fast, or give inconsistent answers, but the quality of our online panel means this rarely happens
  • Hybrid surveys— for companies who must have the scope and economy of an online survey, but worry about the reliability of results, the hybrid survey is the answer. It combines results from online with results from telephone/street interviewing so that the client gets the best of both worlds – big interviewee numbers with reliability of results... and at a low price. Hybrid surveys also have the advantage of covering the full population – non internet users as well as internet users.

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