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CA offered a lot of very useful suggestions for the questionnaire and as a result our report was highly valued by the team.

Marketing manager,
White goods manufacturer

Two thirds of people think that mobile phones have made it easier to be unfaithful to their partners.

Consumer Analysis Ltd.

Marketing Insight Surveys

We provide marketing insight surveys, brand reputation and brand monitoring surveys, marketing effectiveness surveys and surveys on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Marketing teams need to know that any survey they commission really is going to give them accurate feedback on customer opinion. Our strong consumer expertise, and our attention to careful methodology, ensures true marketing insights are provided.

Our experience of the consumer is useful at the questionnaire stage, helping clients to fine-tune the questions so that they are accurate and detailed enough for their needs and really get to the heart of what they need to know. It also aids the analysis, helping to translate customer views into actionable insights in promoting product awareness and brand loyalty.

Although marketing departments generally realise that the most reliable and thorough quantitative surveys are those carried out by telephone or on the street, there has recently been a significant move towards using online surveys, which are so much cheaper. But online surveys, by their nature, can only reach those who are on the internet (still only 70% of the UK population) so they tend to miss the over-60's and those on lower incomes, because they're less likely to use the internet. Also, taking part in online surveys only appeals to those who value the small incentives offered more than they value their time. Hence they may be less likely to attract people such as busy working mums, professionals, high-net-worth individuals, young families and the self-employed...the very people that marketing teams often need to reach in order to understand their market.

Hybrid Surveys

We recognise this potential flaw in online surveys...and so have developed the hybrid survey for our marketing and product surveys in order to provide accurate results from the full population...but still at a competitive price.

Our hybrid surveys combine the economy of online interviewing with the thoroughness of telephone and street interviewing, by using a proportion of each. We can ensure that you reach the correct percentage of internet users versus non-users, and by using human interviewers (and their powers of persuasion) for a number of the interviews, we can gather responses from people who would never choose to do an online survey.

Our marketing insight surveys can be accompanied by a consumer report on results, along with the statistics, and may also include a briefing session with executives on the findings.

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