Location surveys & exit polls

We regularly provide surveys conducted at specific locations for a variety of reasons:

  • Environmental surveys of the general public, to check usage patterns of areas of countryside
  • Exit polls of shops, restaurants or entertainment services, to check customer satisfaction
  • Street surveys in defined areas, often to check recognition and knowledge of locally targeted advertising campaigns

Image representing the choices offered with location surveys and exit polls

Surveys may be conducted in the street, aimed at passers by, or can be door to door and so focussed on a specific residential area. We can also position interviewers at access points, in order to interview people as they enter or leave a designated area.

Our interviewers are experienced market researchers who are used to interacting with the public either singly or as a team. They know how to approach respondents in order to get the maximum possible response, and they are used to encouraging people not only to respond to the questionnaire, but also to elaborate on their answers in order to provide more depth to the resulting report.

Consumer Analysis Ltd. offer an efficient, effective and reliable service for the collection and analysis of data relating to visitor access patterns on nature conservation sites, including most notably the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area.
Senior Ecologist, Ecological Consultancy

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