International surveys

We can provide surveys in Europe and in many of the major countries around the world. We have built up a network of high quality freelance market researchers who operate to our exacting standards. By having our own teams to carry out surveys abroad it allows us to keep in direct contact with each interviewer, briefing them personally on the requirements of each project and keeping in touch at each stage of the survey process.

We can also supply international online surveys and international online polls either as stand-alone online surveys or as hybrid surveys – combining the online method with more traditional telephone or street interviewing.

International polls

  • International online surveys
  • International online polls

International survey quality

Where several countries are involved in a comparative international survey, our direct contact with our own teams of interviewers means that we can ensure the survey is carried out in the same way, to exactly the same protocol, in each country. However, many survey firms subcontract any international work to separate survey firms in each country. We feel this can give uneven results from one country to another.

Our questionnaires are translated by an agency that specialises in market research projects, but then double checked by our own interviewers. Our international interviewers are all nationals of the country concerned, but have a high fluency in English, and all translate the interviewees' comments when returning their results

We wanted a high-quality survey in six European countries, including Poland, for marketing as well as PR purposes. CA delivered an excellent service and got some great results
Account director, global car manufacturer

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