Hall Tests

Our hall test service includes experienced recruiters and interviewers who understand the requirements for a perceptive result. The recruiters will engage people on the street, gathering a good range of people if that is what is needed, or targeting a particular status eg mothers with young families.

Once in the hall, the interviewers take over, showing or demonstrating the products or the pack design, and gaining responses to a set questionnaire, but also listening and interpreting views for the benefit of the report. We are happy for clients to watch this process, but in line with MRS guidelines we ask that clients don't involve themselves in the questioning in order not to bias the results.

We will also help to devise the questionnaire, ensuring it is carefully designed to bring out the most accurate and reliable results for the client. Our questions generally include prompts for the interviewer so that they can explore areas for which the client may need more detailed information.

We can arrange hall tests over one day or over a series of days, and at the end of the tests we will provide a report with the statistics and analysis.

We can provide locations anywhere in the country, though our base in the South East means that we have a number of regularly used locations here, which cover a good range of demographic populations.

Very cost effective and very useful. The information we gained was spot on given our experience with the product after its UK launch.
International vice president, US household product

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