Data splits and analysis

Whether you want a survey for marketing insight, sales information or PR purposes, we can provide plenty of analysis and split the data in any way you want. Most surveys will require the data to be split by gender, region and age group, but we're happy to split by question response, too, or any other factor that would be useful.

We then provide all the analysis you need, writing an executive summary if required, a methodology, writing up the key findings, and providing the full findings in easy–to–read tables. We can also provide full comments and even anecdotes on some surveys

Some clients may require a more human presentation of results, and for this we are happy to provide informal briefings, or more formal presentations, either at our offices in Marylebone or at the client's offices.

For our PR surveys we can provide an at–a–glance guide to the main findings for use during live media interviews. We can also provide access to some of the most interesting interviewees who may agree to be used as “case histories” as part of the PR launch of the survey findings.

The journalistic help you receive when you commission a survey from CA is second to none. They know what they're doing, understand the media, so they make the sell-in so much easier
Account manager, consumer PR firm

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