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An excellent research service which has proved invaluable to our marketing drive this year. They're definitely a fresh force in this arena, with a real understanding of what marketing people need to know.

Nursery Products Manufacturer

Consumer Surveys

Reliable resources and statistics.

We specialise in consumer market research. Whether you want a marketing insight survey or a PR survey or simply a speedy straw poll of consumers, we have excellent credentials and the experience to make it work well. We can interview anything from 50 to 5000 people using the most reliable interviewing methods. Our firm belief in the quality of our fieldwork means we are also pioneering some of the best new methodologies, particularly the new online hybrid techniques which enable the client to reach a much more nationally representative result than normal online polling.

We reach consumers in a variety of ways. We can set up exit polls or conduct street interviewing in order to reach a random selection of the population in specific locations. We can conduct telephone surveys by randomised telephone interviewing where a national or regional result is needed. We can also conduct online polling or online hybrid surveys where greater numbers are important and expense has to be kept to a minimum.

We can interview sub-sets of consumers, limited by gender, age group, family structure, social type or purchasing preferences perhaps. We have even carried out surveys of blondes (for one hair product manufacturer), of cheese-lovers (not surprisingly for a cheese manufacturer) and of tennis fans (for a brand associated with the Wimbledon tournament).

Our UK surveys are generally conducted across the country, with regional proportionality in order to provide a nationally representative survey. However, we can also arrange surveys in certain regions, or just in one town or one locality if that is required.

We will also provide a lot more insight than is typical with a quantitative survey. Our interviewers are trained to ask searching secondary questions, in order to give the client a real understanding of the meaning underlying the statistics they gain. Many interviewees will explain their reasons for their answers, and so our reports contain a lot of comment and anecdote, which provide the sort of breadth and depth you might gain from focus group activity.

Our approach to consumer research is based on our expertise in the consumer world. Our MD, Jan Walsh, is a well known consumer expert, regularly invited by the media to comment on consumer topics. We understand the world of marketing, and know how to design surveys that will help marketing teams to improve brand performance, enhance brand image and increase brand reputation.

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