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We carry out all types of consumer survey research for well-known company brands, marketing insight for blue chip companies and consumer views for PR media purposes. But we don't just specialise in the consumer. We also carry out location surveys for ecology organisations, for charities and for local government. In fact, we've gained a reputation for being able to design protocols for very unusual surveys – and tackling them with great success!

We regularly carry out tracking surveys to measure shifts in opinion – we are responsible for a much-quoted 3-monthly survey for a well-known bank.

Our reputation has been gained for our quantitative surveys, though we will also carry out qualitative work depending upon the assignment. In all our work we believe that an accurate insight is crucial, and this can only be achieved when care is taken over understanding the client’s needs, the clarity of the questionnaire, the depth of the analysis and the overall quality of the interviewing method.

When I set up CA, my aim was to create an innovative market research company which could provide a truly accurate insight into the views of consumers, without the stuffy approach of some traditional research companies. I wanted CA to be a breath of fresh air!

esomar memberAs an ESOMAR member, I comply with the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Market and Social Research and ESOMAR World Research Guidelines.

Consumer Analysis MD, Jan Walsh

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